Oh, to touch
To feel his hand slip into mine
His arm around me
His hand in the small of my back
Or on my knee

Oh, to smell
The scent of each other mix
Cologne and perfume
And our breaths intermingled
The scent of musk

Oh, to taste
The flavor of his mouth and tongue
Or his bottom lip
My lips and tongue on his neck
Sucking fingers

Oh, to hear
His breath in my ear, on my neck
Catching myself gasp
When he shivers in response
Whispered moaning

Oh, to feel
The tingles as my body stirs
The shivers up my spine
Bodies longing

Oh, the need
My body screams out for more
Needs to be caressed
Wants his hands on me again
Needs skin on skin

Oh, senses
Senses sending signals to continue
It feels so damn good
Common sense is interrupting
Urging go slow

rough draft

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