We have all heard it said, “They have an intimate relationship.”  Or, “They have been intimate.”  But do they, have they?  Intimacy is not achieved through sex.  Sex can be intimate, but is not inherently intimate.  Intimacy is achieved through trust and honesty. You must relinquish your fear and allow someone to know what’s in your mind, heart, and soul.  You must accept someone as they are, including their flaws.   You must be able to forgive the sins of your partner, and trust they will forgive yours.  Only then is true intimacy achieved.  I feel cheated.  I have been in a twenty year relationship with someone who was never able to trust me.  I always thought how sad that he cannot trust.  It wasn’t until recently that I realized he refused to trust me.  Although I never did anything to make him distrust me, he kept us from being truly intimate.

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