“Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant.”
– Socrates, Greek Philosopher

It would have started with hair pulling and chasing each other on the playground had they met in elementary school. In junior high he tried to look cool to impress the shy, insecure girl. She teased the awkward, gangly boy. In high school they ran in different circles. There was the occasional hello or nod in the hallways, and once a ride home. Several years later they ran into each other and began to date. They were too young for anything serious. They continued to see other people. But they really enjoyed each other. They spent time with each others families. He treated her daughter like his own. Holidays were spent together. And it slowly turned into an exclusive relationship. He broadened her horizons. She learned about music from him. She learned a lot about herself from him. She hoped he gained something from the relationship too. They lived together for a while but neither was ready for that kind of commitment. They were still too young. The funny thing is they remained friends. Even went out on occasion. Twenty odd years has passed and they are still friends. Keeping in touch with phone calls and Christmas cards, emails and online. She calls him when she needs advice or to vent. He calls when he gets a new job or a new girl. They are the best of friends, and honest with each other as only true friends can be. They are constant.


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