With you it’s brand new

My passions are aroused

The need consumes me

I feel awakened from the dead

Indulge my sensual pleasures

Softly touch my skin

Gently kiss my lips

Use your tongue to taste and explore

Neck, breasts, thighs, and more

I will pleasure you as well

I want to taste my sweetness

on your lips and fingers

Taste the saltiness of you

I want to discover you

The places that arouse you

Touch, nibble and lick those places

Drive you crazy with my mouth and tongue

Kissing harder now with wanting

And as we two become one

I want to feel you deep inside me

Slowly, rhythmically moving together

Almost desperate with the need

Unable to contain the gasps and moans

As we take each other to the brink

Then climax, holding each other

Not wanting to let go

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